Sunday, 1 October 2017

VPs managed cloud servers 

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VPS web hosting plans offer site owners the ability to configure virtual private servers with more RAM, CPU cores, & processing power for high traffic website performance requirements. 

Fully managed cloud hosting 

The UnitedHosting next generation cloud offers genuine high availability, self-healing, instantly scalable virtual private servers (VPS) 'in the cloud'. Cloud servers are ideal for business critical websites requiring enterprise grade availability, matched with unparalleled performance. 

Instant scalability, up or down, makes our cloud solution a perfect fit for websites which have unpredictable or seasonal traffic patterns. After nearly three years of development and testing our cloud is ready to provide you with the perfect hosting solution. 

Fully Managed Price: 

Most providers will charge around £20/month for cPanel, £80/month for server management, and £40/month for backups! Our prices include all of this, with no hidden extras.

We are happy to tailor a cloud server to your exact requirements, please get in touch if you would like a quote.

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Services: Gio Enterprise, Gio Backup, Gio Box Enterprise, Private Cloud Service, Public Cloud Service.

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100GB SSD, 4096 MB RAM,Traffic Flat Instant Setup, full Webinterface to manage

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